Lionel Marchetti & Xavier Garcia

Lionel Marchetti is a composer born in Marseille in 1967. Self-taught at first, he later explored the musique concrète repertoire as acousmatic art with Xavier Garcia. He performs his compositions live on various sound spatialization systems, like acousmoniums with 4, 8, 12 or more loudspeakers. He also practices improvisation on stage on his own, with experimental analogue devices, various microphones, feedback, radio waves, magnetic tape recorder or modified speakers. In parallel, he writes poetry and does theoretical research on musique concrète. Names like the group Metamkine, Xavier Charles, Voice Crack or Seijiro Murayama stand out from his long list of collaborations. Xavier Garcia is a French composer and improviser born in 1959. He plays sampler keyboards and other electronic devices in several live improvisation projects and also features collaborations with dance and theater companies, in movies and visual performances. He regularly works with musicians like Eric Brochard, Chris Cutler, Brian Eno, Gianni Gebbia, Heiner Goebbels, Alexander Meyer, Carlo Rizzo or Norbert Stein.