Teatro Carlos Alberto will host and co-produce with Sonoscopia the first edition of Colexpla – International Festival of Sonic Explorers. Committed to promoting new forms of musical expression in the domains of experimental, improvised, electro-acoustic music and sound art, Colexpla is a descendant of Co-Lab – International Festival of Experimental Music, which was held in Porto from 1998 to 2003. That festival’s five editions helped several Porto musicians define their aesthetic identities and were fundamental in the foundations of what would become Sonoscopia Associação. Fifteen years later, Colexpla intends to extend and renew this legacy, by surveying the current state of exploratory music, reflecting on it and engaging with it, and thus triggering possible repercussions in Portuguese artistic creativity. The festival will focus on such diverse areas as musical expression via new instruments, new forms of interaction in improvisation, the cross-pollination between composition and improvisation or the sound installation as a musical form. Promoting debate and the concept of freedom on which it is founded, Colexpla will bring together new artists and established names of international improvisation/experimentation in concerts, sound installations, a workshop and a round table discussion. Featuring Abdul Moimême, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Diana Combo, Eran Sachs, Inês Castanheira, Kaffe Matthews, Ken Butler, Lionel Marchetti, Marta Ângela, Meira Asher, Miguel A. García, MSHR, Toma Gouband, Tomoko Sauvage, Trio Sowari, ::vtol::, Wade Matthews and Xavier Garcia.


programming Gustavo Costa, Sara Gomes
technical direction Alberto Lopes
light Mário Bessa
production direction Patrícia Caveiro
production assistants Catarina Lopes, Sara Gomes e Rodrigo Cardoso

co-produced by Sonoscopia, TNSJ

Ages 6 and up